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        Screening Libraries

        We offer a 1.8M brand new collection of lead-like compounds for biological screening. This brand new collection comprises polar molecules with pharmacologically important groups such as free carboxylic and amino groups. These chemical classes are found in many drugs but underrepresented in the purchasable chemical space. We designed our compounds on unique molecular cores decorating them with the most interesting building blocks. Our collection is 3D optimized and ready for virtual screening.

        2,210,876 Screening Compounds (SDF, updated June 2019) [ download ] [ flyer ]

        • Diverse (chemical diversity > 0.8)
        • Refined (PAINS-free, lead-like)
        • Unique (> 99% exclusive compounds)
        • Group-oriented (40% carboxylic acids, 27% primary amines, 30% secondary amines)
        • Small, Shaped, and Soluble (average MW 315, average Fsp3 0.52, Sw > 30 μM for > 85%)

        We can deliver these compounds in various formats: in dry powders or in solutions placed in vials, microtubes or plates (96 or 384 wells).